Artoons is a Sister Concern of DIFE

The activities done at Artoons and their benefits:

  1. Brain Gym Exercises: Brain gym exercises are a set of total 26 movements to improve the strength and working capacity of brain. Some of the exercises and their benefits are mentioned below:
    1. Brain Buttons Exercises:- These exercises stimulates the flow of Oxygen carrying blood through the carotid arteries to the brain to increase concentration and relaxation.
    2. Cross train your brain exercises :- The human brain is a paired organ. It is composed of 2 halves called cerebral hemispheres. These exercises create harmony and rhythm between the functioning of these hemispheres and force you out of the most frequently utilized areas of your mind to areas less utilized, to improve the memory and recall powers.

      Two cerebral hemi- spheres of the brain (right and left). The connections between neurons, that connect both the Hemispheres, improves after brain gym exercises:



    3. Cross lateral movements:- Complex movements stimulate complex thinking. Across the body arm movements such as ‘cross lateral movements’ stimulate brain synchronization and help develop better communication across both the hemispheres of the brain, the logical and the creative.

    4. Exercises done with the balls. :-These exercises help co-ordinate right and left brain by organizing the information flow between the 2 hemispheres. This improved rhythm in the working of the hemispheres is useful for improving spelling, writing, reading and comprehension. These exercises help awaken the right hemisphere of the brain which is responsible for our intuitive and imaginative activities and communicates using images.

    5. Set of exercises done with ribbons. :- Rhythmic movements such as ‘sleepy eights’ ‘ circles in front of you’ ‘ passing the ribbon under your legs’ serve to stimulate the brain into activating more complex pathways, for better control over mind and body.
    6. Floor exercises. :- Floor exercises like ‘criss-cross’ and ‘Magic maze’ help bringing balance and efficiency between the working of body and mind. These exercises help in improving the academic results of the child by improving listening, writing, reading and comprehension skills.
  2. Taking tests containing Puzzles and Tricky questions. :-According to researches done, solving puzzles and tricky questions increase the life span and improve the quality of life by increasing the mental ability. These also build the decision making power, clear vision and logical powers. These tests also improve the language, mathematical skills and G.K. of the child. The child gets into a habit of taking tests and feels more confident.
    ‘The benefits to solve lateral thinking puzzles are numerous- they force children to think of many solutions, they help them to be better problem solver which impact their school work in general and it helps them build more self-confidence. – Dr. Paul Sloane, author of ‘Better homes’ ‘Every puzzle that we solve needs application of mind. No puzzle can be solved without concentrating the mind on the problem. Ultimately, puzzles lead the student improve his/her logical and analytical ability.
  3. Speedy Maths and English Made Easy Tests :- Children are provided specially designed test papers to improve their basic Mathematics, English and General Knowledge. These papers are formed by following the syllabus of various schools in these subjects. Test papers are given at three levels- Easy, Kid and Medium, according to the age of the child.

  4. Group games. :- These games and activities build cooperation and patience among the children. These games also improve the concentration and decision making power of the child. The child becomes more focused rather than being hyper-active or too slow.
    Playing ‘Group games’ and group activities build self- confidence in the child, increase his or her skills to deal with stress and failure. Group games are very helpful in making the child more social and friendly. – Early child care and Education.
  5. Library. Reading books adds to the child’s knowledge and improves imagination, moral values and enriches vocabulary. Our Library system helps in developing reading habit among children.
  6. Reading speed, Memory and IQ tests: At Artoons classes these tests are taken regularly to increase and evaluate the intelligence and memory power of the kids as formerly it was believed that increase the Intelligence Quotient is not possible but with time and experiments done it has been proved that increase IQ is possible and we have witnessed it in our classes.

    (Reading speed increases after Artoon’s)

    (Both sides of brain start working more efficiently)

    At Artoons children enjoy a lot and show improvement in their studies and general behaviour within 1 – 2 months. Children love coming to Artoons a lot because we also provide them the material for painting, clay-modeling and fun puzzle games, which also helps in improving their creativity and nurture their imagination.

Turning Good Brains into Brilliant