Artoons is a Sister Concern of DIFE
Hall of Fame
Artoons has been featured in various TV programs and Newspaper articles for it's unique way of teaching through Brain Gym.

Here are the compliments of some of the people associated with Artoons:
Malini Aggarwal, Teacher ITL public school, enrolled her daughter for Artoons classes last year. “Now my daughter can study up to two subjects a day during exams,” says Malini. She makes her eight-year-old daughter do a few exercises before she sits to study every day. The dose increases during exam time. “I make her do her brain gym exercises every two hours, ” says Malini.

I am very pleased with the Artoons classes. My son Shlok improved a lot in his studies after joining Artoons. His teacher in the last PTM was praising him a lot saying he has transformed in the last 3-4 months. And all the credit goes to Artoons.
Mahesh Jagushte F/O Shlok Jagushte, Class – IV, R.D. Rajpal School, Dwarka.

Artoons is a unique workshop for kids as what is being taught here is very effective and necessary for the kids. Brain Gym exercises improve the reflexes of the kids and the functioning of the hemispheres of the brain. The total concept of Artoons works magically on the kids.
Dr. Dharmvir Sharma, Child specialist and F/o Deval Sharma, ITL school, Dwarka.

I am very impressed with Artoons. The kids show such enthusiasm for going to Artoons that they are ready to miss anyting for that and what’s more they are learning so many things in just one class, be it ‘brain gym, exercises, clay modeling, painting, games, English, Maths… Both of my kids are fond of Artoons and me too!’
Mrs. Richa Sharma (Dermatologist) M/O Kaustav and Manya, DPS Dwarka

The Brain Gym exercises being done at Artoons should be a part of school curriculum here in India also as it is in U.S.A. because of their effectiveness in improving the functioning of brain and the increase in concentration and memory kids show after practicing these exercises. The test papers given to kids at Artoons are like ‘Gaagar mein Saagar’. In just a few papers so much is included and so interestingly that it makes them very effective.
Ms. Ranjana Maherchandani, Teacher DPS Dwarka M/O Divya DPS.

These are the views of just a few people as in just a short span of time Artoons has gained much fame, name and respect and has produced many smarter children and happy parents. Since its opening, Artoons has been gaining a lot of praise from the parents and a lot has been written in the newspapers about Artoons due to its unique characteristics


Mrs. Suman Mittal
Chairperson , Artoons

Artoons is Managed and Directed by Mrs. Suman Mittal, who is a Graduate from Jesus & Mary College. Post Graduate in Child Care & Education and PhD in Education.

Mrs. Suman Mittal is also member of Managing Committee Delhi Institute of Fire Engineering, Member of VAISH EDUCATION SOCIETY ROHTAK, HARYANA and member Managing Committee Pawan Ganga Educational Society, 4/12 Punjabi Bagh, New Delhi, which is running a number of educational institutes and schools all across India.

Our advisory board members are:

Dr. Virender kumar Garg
Delhi institute of Fire Engineering
Senior Vice President,
Agarsen Hospital Dwarka
Ph: 9811086310

Dr. Dharamvir Sharma
M.D. Paediatrics,
Neonatologist & Child specialist
Ph: 9810231507

Dr. Kamal Goyal
Ph: 9741350341